Our Brewery

Find out how our brew is made

Hot liquor tankAll water used to produce beer is called liquor, therefore this is the tank where we hold our brewing liquor.

Mash TunHere grain and water are mixed together and allowed to mingle. Wort is produced, the super sweet liquid that is fermented into beer.

UnderbackThe wort is whirlpooled through the underback on its way to the copper. This helps to clarify the wort, and it also allows for controlling the speed of the transfer.

Copper (aka Kettle)The wort is boiled and the wonderful hops are added. The wort needs to be boiled to sterilize it, and the hops need to be boiled to increase their bitterness.

Heat ExchangerThe wort is cooled before it makes its way to the Fermentation Vessel.

Fermentation Vessel (1-4)Fermentation … need we say more! This is where the magic happens. The yeast metabolizes the fermentable sugars in the wort and beer is produced.

Bright Beer TankAfter fermentation, and a week or two of cold conditioning in the FV, the beer is transferred to the bright beer tank. From this tank the bottling line is fed.

Bottling LineThis will label, fill, and cap 1000 bottles per hour. We call it the rattler since the crown capper sounds like a rattlesnake as it moves the caps around.